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Senior Minister: Mike Gaudet

Administrative Elder: Denise Hair

Board of Elders:  Brett Fligge, Mike Gaudet, Denise Hair,  Bryan King

Mark Lauritsen*, Randy McCoy, David Mouw

*Indicates chair of the board

Audio/Visual Team Lead:  Jonathon Bly

Care/Meal Team Coordinator: Denise Hair

Children's Ministry Coordinator: Denise Hair


Nursery Coordinator: Denise Hair

Facility Coordinators: Denise Hair, Randy McCoy

Financial Manager: David Mouw

Greeting Team Lead:  Sue Caldwell

Grounds Coordinator:  Shane Holtman

Hospitality Coordinator: Denise Hair

Prayer Team Lead: Denise Hair, Lorraine Hanson

Usher Team Lead: Sue Caldwell

Youth Ministry Coordinators: Adam Maeschen, Travis Nordstrom

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