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God Who Stands Beside Me

Sitting here and enjoying the view of the pond at my church has me reflecting on my life. Sixteen years ago, at the age of sixteen oddly enough, I was baptized in this very pond. Now here I am, writing, leading, and teaching at this very place. If you would've told me this is where I would end up and how I would end up sixteen years later, I wouldn't have laughed like the common phrase says, instead, I would've ran.

I think God blinds our own foresight from us at times because if we were to see His divine plan for us in our lives we would turn away in fear. Our minds would fill with words that echo, 'I can't' or 'no, I could never do that.' However, in my walk of life I've come to learn that it's not worrying about the path that lays in front of me, but focusing on my God who stands beside me. You know it's funny, they call me a leader, but in reality all I really try to do is follow God.

And that's my encouragement to you, to follow. Keep following Him.

Your path doesn't have to be straight or without any bumps. Just as long as God is in you and with you. The journey on the path with Him is the point here on earth, not the end.

The end comes later, where streets are made of gold. Where the lavish love of God lights everything around us. Where we live in perfect union as children of God. Where our souls finally find home, forever, in heaven.

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