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"Phase One" plan for meeting on-site

Sunday service begins at 10:35 a.m. and will comprise of a greeting and announcements followed by Mike's message from the series The Ten Commitments. Worship music will be added in future phases.

What are the expectations for Phase One?

  • A six-foot distance will be maintained between family units.

  • Masks are required indoors, except for children under the age of two (per CDC guidelines). If you forget yours, one will be provided. If you're unable to wear a mask, or don't care to wear a mask, we ask that you join us remotely for the time being.

  • There will be no breakout for Children’s Ministry. For now, children will sit with their families/guardians. Feel free to bring entertainment items if it would be helpful.

  • We ask that interactions prior to or following the service occur outdoors.

  • Hand sanitizer pumps will be available.

  • In the restrooms, please disinfect surfaces you have touched.

  • Offering containers will be available near each door.

  • No food or drink will be provided and we ask that no food or drink be brought into the building during this phase.

Please do not come to in-person services if you do not feel well, have a temperature, or if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID and you have not yet finished a two-week quarantine.

We understand that for some, meeting remotely is the best option. Hope's service will continue to be available "live" through Zoom and archived on YouTube and

We'd like to accomodate as many as possible inside. If you plan to attend Sunday service, please call the church office at 605.338.7649. We'll do our best to "save you a seat"!

Lastly, weather permitting, we're planning on using the area outside the A-frame (east entrance) as "overflow" and to seat those who prefer to be outside. We ask that you social distance, and if possible, bring your own lawn chairs.

Thank you for your continued support of Hope and for your patient, graceful attitudes as we've all dealt with the challenges the pandemic presents.

Hope's Board of Elders

Mike Gaudet, Denise Hair, Bryan King, Mark Lauritsen, Randy McCoy, David Mouw, Terry Nordstrom

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