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Looking out into the bay, seeing my first glimpse of ocean water at the age of 34, a question comes to mind: How do people not believe in creation? One of my favorite musicians had this to say on the topic, ‘And for some reason folks find it illogical to think that a perfectly designed universe screams of a designer.’

I don't know, but in my mind this seems to be a pretty accurate assessment. This topic also reminds me of when I was reading an article on a prominent scientist who believed in creation and the resurrection of Christ. He admitted there weren’t too many like him in his trade, but he continued to explain why it made sense to him. He talked about how science is the study of natural events and nature. Therefore, science is the process of studying natural events, natural progressions, then taking that data, and providing evidence based in scientific exploration. Which to me, seems pretty cut and dry and logical. However to take science...again the natural study of something...and to try and apply it to a supernatural event, does not work. I mean think about it, how can something supernatural be explained naturally? It can’t, right? So to take supernatural events, like the creation of our universe and the resurrection of Christ and try to shove them into the box of science and it’s natural study of things, is not functional. There’s nothing wrong with science, it just doesn’t work in this capacity. This really helped me understand more about what others think and helped me make peace with people who don’t believe what I believe. I sometimes get into a mind frame that would pit my Christian beliefs in creation, against science and those who believe otherwise. But reading about this scientist and how he saw it really helped me and hopefully it helps you. I’ve found that science isn’t a problem, it isn’t an adversary to God, and neither are those who swear by and stand by it. However, science is not an absolute truth either, so we have to be careful. So what do we do? Leave space and grace for science and those who live by it and believe in it, about many or all things including the big bang theory/evolution/creation debate. On the other hand, if I could add one more thing... Leave more space for your faith in the things that God says is true, rather than what science tries to say is true. “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.” - 1 Corinthians‬ ‭1:25‬

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