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Amazing Grace

Have you ever contemplated on the vastness of God's grace and how awesome it really is?

I have found it is not just beautiful, but dirty. That I not only want it, but I need it.

I see the beauty of His grace in the eyes of my sons, in the sound of my unborn child's heartbeat, and the taste of my wife's lips. Yet, I feel the necessity of His grace in every breath I take, knowing I was born to die, but now have been given eternal life. I think on the scandal of grace knowing the blackness of my heart is so stained with sin, that the only way I could ever be changed is literally by divine intervention. But what really gets me the most, is the ability to simply reach out in any and every situation of my life, knowing full well, God is there.

My friends, I'm not sure what you identify with most, the beauty, the necessity, the scandal, or the practical grace, but I think we all can agree on one thing: the depth and devotion of God's grace is huge...

I suppose that's why they call it amazing.

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