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Truth Sword

'For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.' - Matthew‬ ‭24:27

How did Christ describe His own second coming?

Like lighting.


Because no one sees lightning and thinks it's something else, its an unmistakable event.

When Christ comes all knees will bow and all tongues will confess. No one will be able to deny the reality and supremacy of the deity of Jesus Christ.

This is something we as Christians long for, yet I wonder if we at times forget the burden that comes attached with knowing the truth. I remember at a young age when I first found Christ I wanted all my friends to know Him. If you were my friend, you were coming to Youth Group with me at least once.

However, now I find myself in a precarious position. Sometimes it's heartbreaking listening to some of who we're once my brothers' thoughts on God. Some don't believe in God at all, some believe, 'hey just believe in whatever and be a good person'.

I didn't realize the sting that truth brings until you hear the false ideologies of the ones you love. It's a burden I wasn't really ready for and one I didn't see coming. It's a reality we will all have to face at some point in our lives.

I guess that's why truth is a double edged sword, there's a price for knowing it.

But I would gladly pay the price over and over again to know the truth of God.

I pray that we would take hold of this truth sword and let it cut...both ways.

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