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I finally put on my headphones after walking outside towards my postal vehicle. I had refrained from using it in the office knowing I may find myself getting emotional. Much to my surprise, what is the name of the song on random play that would show up on the very first song? Asthma. ...Crazy... Let me explain. I had just come into some knowledge the day before that an amazing man, a brother in the faith, a good shepherd, had passed away suddenly. Leaving behind too many, too soon. One of his ailments that I always remember is that he had asthma. Which always stuck with me because I too had it growing up. So when I heard of his untimely death, I shed tears, I remembered him, then I prayed... And what what was the first thing I prayed? ‘Thank you Father for he now exists in a place without asthma.’ Man, God is big. How could He really stick all these things together in a tragic event in so many lives, but still give me a perspective of comfort? Because He’s that good. Because He’s that gracious. Because He’s that big. Now let’s not broad brush over the fact that a good shepherd has left this place that is in so dire need of one. He has left a hole in the hearts of many, especially his own kin. Yet, there is hope still, and he of all people would say the same, and has said it many, many times. Just yesterday I was dropping off some things at our church where he used to preach. There was no one there other than me. I sat down in my usual chair and envisioned him teaching us like he normally did. I smiled, remembered, and said, ‘thanks for the preaching J, I’ll miss it, and you.’ Then I let go...and said goodbye...for now. I am so very grateful, for this message, and this man. You see, I sat at the feet of a good shepherd. I took notes, I listened, I soaked in the gospel and learned of the God of hope and of grace. I will undoubtedly, wholeheartedly miss this good shepherd, but I know I will see him again. I know he still exists. I know hope still remains. Because God does. And where God is, there is always hope... Until we meet again my friend, thanks for your guidance in the way of grace and God for so many years of my childhood and adulthood. You will be missed J.C. ~Travis

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